Destination Impact Management in Gorham, New Hampshire

Sustainable Tourism Initiative

We're in this together.

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Sustainable tourism aims to achieve the following macro-outcomes:

• Provide visitors & locals with authentic experiences grounded in local reality

• Integrate recreation and tourism with local communities in a way that is respectful and functional

• Create lasting financial and social benefits for local residents

• Contribute to the health and vibrancy of the natural environment

• Foster strong public policies with organizational support and funding

Destination Management Committee

Community Mission & Values

Gorham, NH Outdoors is a resource that came from the work of Gorham's Destination Management Committee through Gorham's Sustainable Tourism Initiative.

Gorham's sustainable tourism initiative is a partnership between the Town of Gorham, Northern Forest Center, and members of the local tourism industry to capitalize on the many benefits associated with tourism while mitigating its potential negative effects on residents, local culture, infrastructure, the landscape, and environment. The Town of Gorham has an incredible opportunity to create the conditions for a more balanced system, where visitation does not overwhelm local resources, and the community maintains its authenticity and high quality of life -- before it's too late.

Gorham's Sustainable Tourism Model: