Giant Falls via Peabody Brook Trail

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Giant Falls via Peabody Brook Trail

In times of high rains and during particularly wet seasons, the 90ft Giant Falls takes after its namesake. As one of the tallest and wildest waterfalls in NH, Giant Falls is often overlooked because it can become quite subtle during the dry season and look like not much more than a long, wet slab of rock. But if you catch Giant Falls when its running high, prepare to be delighted. What’s more, the walk along the Peabody Brook Trail to access the falls is very pleasant, even if the water isn't running high. Leashed dogs are welcome.

Location & Parking

256-280 North Rd, Shelburne, NH 03581
Parking Details
Parking for Giant Falls is on North Rd. by the Austin Millbrook Bridge. The Peabody Brook Trailhead - which leads to Giant Falls - is just beyond the parking area.

Managing Organization

Managing Organization
Shelburne Trails Club, U.S. Forest Service - White Mountain National Forest


Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
Pet Friendly